Customizable Fried Shrimp Chips Making Machine in Vietnam

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Description of Automatic Shrimp Chips Making Machine
Shrimp crackers are processed with shrimp flour and starch, it is a delicious deep-fried food. The main equipment used is extruder, slicer, fryer, seasoning machine, etc.

Through the use of highly automated production line, the production of shrimp chips produced by the food factory is large, and the crackers are produced in various sizes and colors, which can better meet the needs of different users.
Fried Shrimp Chips Making Machine in Vietnam
Features of Vietnam Shrimp Chips Making Machine
1. No smoke and dust emission during the production of shrimp cracker, environmental protection and no pollution.
2. Shrimp chips production line is made of stainless steel 304, which is safe and hygienic.
3. High degree of automation solves the problem of time-consuming and labor-intensive manual production.
4. The thickness of the produced shrimp chips are consistent, and the special size can be adjusted.
5. The shrimp chips making machine has good quality, stable operation and low noise, often sold to Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia.

Working Video of Shrimp Cracker Making Machine

Process Flow of Shrimp Chips Production Line
Shrimp powder, starch and water are mixed evenly in a certain proportion, and then poured into the hopper of the shrimp chip machine. The spiral auger driven by the motor advances the powder slurry entering the machine and passes the heat in the steamer outside the auger the slurry is cooked with water.
The mold is shaped into a smooth, smooth, elastic cylindrical or oval shrimp stick. After cooling, cut into slices and cut into thin slices, dried or air-dried to become a finished product, and then fried to make delicious shrimp chips snack.

If you want to know the price of shrimp chips making machine in Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia or others countries, please contact with us. Email:   whatsapp/wechat/mobile: +8615515571373.

Technical Data
Model GG-6FSJ-400
Mixing Machine Power: 7.5KW
Capacity: 70kg/time/10min 
Size: L1350*W1200*H1450mm
N.W.: 200kg
Elevator Power:1.1KW
Size: L2050*W810*H2300mm
N.W.: 180kg
Main Engine Power:34KW
Cylinder Dia.: 126mm
380/440V, 3phases, 50/60hz
Size: L2200*W1700*H2100mm
N.W.: 1200kg
Forming Machine Power:7.5KW
N.W.: 450kg
Cutting Machine Power:3KW
Cut speed: Adjustable
N.W.: 320kg
Slice Cutting Machine Power:5KW
Size: L3650*W1110*H1050mm
N.W.: 410kg


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