High Quality Shrimp Puffs Snacks Making Machine in Low Price

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The Description of Shrimp Puffs Making Machine
Shrimp puffs, also named prawn cracker, shrimp chips, this snacks can be produced with a large amount in a short time by using this machine. The production line mainly includes flour mixer, extruder, forming machine, cutting machine, slicer, fryer, etc. Each machine uses high-quality materials for stable operation.
Automatic Shrimp Chips Cracker Making Machine
Features of Shrimp Puffs Crackers Making Machine
1. This machine adopts advanced extruding technique which can extrude two kinds of products with different textures and tastes out of double-screw extruder at the same time.
2. Quality shrimp puffs snacks making machine equipped with various auto warning protection function, ensure safe production, minimize loss. 
3. The diameter of the shrimp crackers from the extruder machine can be adjusted, and its thickness can also be adjusted in the slice.
4. By changing molds and assistant equipment, it can also produce nutritional powder, grain gruel and many other leisure snacks in different shapes.

Low Price Shrimp Puffs Machine Working Video

Advantages of Shrimp Crackers Making Machine
1. This machine is mainly uses corn starch, cassava starch, wheat starch, shrimp oil, shrimp powder as raw materials to produce the prawn crackers.
2. The whole body of the machine is made of stainless steel that meets sanitary standards, with bright color and beautiful appearance.
3. The whole production process of shrimp puffs making machine is mixing, extrusion, forming, cutting, slicing, frying, continuous production, and high work efficiency.
4. Factory can offer general recipe for you to make shrimp puffs(prawn crackers). The customers can also develop recipe from your local people taste. 

Shrimp crackers making machine is manufactured by a professional supplier, if you want to know it's price and more details, please contact with us. Email: lisa@machinehall.com, whatsapp/wechat/mobile: +8615515571373
Technical Data
Model GG-6FSJ-400
Mixing Machine Power: 7.5KW
Capacity: 70kg/time/10min 
Size: L1350*W1200*H1450mm
N.W.: 200kg
Elevator Power:1.1KW
Size: L2050*W810*H2300mm
N.W.: 180kg
Main Engine Power:34KW
Cylinder Dia.: 126mm
380/440V, 3phases, 50/60hz
Size: L2200*W1700*H2100mm
N.W.: 1200kg
Forming Machine Power:7.5KW
N.W.: 450kg
Cutting Machine Power:3KW
Cut speed: Adjustable
N.W.: 320kg
Slice Cutting Machine Power:5KW
Size: L3650*W1110*H1050mm
N.W.: 410kg


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