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Introduction of Malanga Chips Fryer
All the malanga chips fryer equipment used SUS304 GB material production, in line with the National Food quality standards certification, frequency conversion speed regulation, the machine into the mouth unique design plate mesh belt, to prevent the product floating, to prevent deformation, pure oil with automatic scraping slag system, the machine with a net-belt turnover mechanism, can be cleaned at any time by the floating residue and mesh belt residue. Automatic temperature control, so that fried products have a crisp and attractive stable appearance. The malanga chips fryer machine is safe, convenient, sanitary, is the ideal frying equipment.
taro chips frying machine
Features of Taro Chips Frying Machine 
◇ Mesh belt for stainless steel material, using frequency conversion stepless speed regulation. Frying time can be adjusted.
◇ With automatic slag discharging system, the residue produced will be discharged at any time.
◇ The taro chips frying machine is equipped with high efficiency heat conduction device, which is efficient in energy utilization.
◇ Electricity, coal or natural gas for heating energy, the whole machine using food grade 304 stainless steel manufacturing, sanitary, easy to clean.
◇ Equipped with dynamic circulatory system, will be filtered out in the production process, reduce the acid price of oil, prolong the service life of edible oil.
◇ The use of the upper and lower Double-layer network belt transmission, the product is sandwiched between the Double-layer mesh belt, to avoid the product floating.
◇ The taro chips frying machine use automatic oil-leaching system, low oil content of products. 

This taro chips fryer machine installs the automatic thermostat, the operator only needs to set the temperature to realize the automatic temperature control, the thermostat, does not have the overheating dry burning phenomenon. The water in the lower layer of the machine can automatically filter the impurities in the oil, to ensure that the fried food does not chuanwei each other, bright color, no carcinogenic substances, conducive to the health of the consumer. The taro chips fryer all stainless steel structure, fine workmanship, beautiful, rugged, durable. Scope of application: meat skewers, fish, chicken legs, tofu, shrimp slices, french fries, vegetables and so on. The machine is equipped with an automatic discharging system above 1000 type. Can be matched products: potato chips machine, food dumping water, oil-dumping machine, octagonal seasoning machine, vacuum packaging machine. If you want to know the quotation of taro chips fryer machine, please email

Technical Data
Model GG-1500
Size 1800*2100*1900mm
Weight 300 kg
Capacity 200-300 kg/h


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