Tostada Shells|Corn Tortilla Chips Fryer Machine Equipment 200KG/H

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Description of Continuous Tortilla Chips Fryer Machine
This continuous fryer equipment is widely used in snack food industrial, also an indispensable machine in kinds of fried food processing line. It is suitable for fried pasta, meat, fried food with golden surface and delicious taste. High-quality parts, so the machine can work for a long time.
200KG/H Tortilla Fryer Machine Equipment
This tostada shells fryer consists of automatic belt conveying system, automatic lifting system, oil adding system, oil filtering system and automatic temperature control system. Simple operation, one machine has multiple uses.

Features and Advantages of Corn Tortilla Chips Fryer Machine
1. Electricity, gas or diesel as power source, with the advantage of energy saving, low noise, prevent heating loss.
2. Conveyor belt speed and the length is adjustable for different frying time according to different products.
3. This machine is equipped with oil storage tank and oil circulating pump. Oil circulation system filter oil residue and extend the service life of oil.
4. This tostada shells fryer is equipped with automatic lifting device for easy to clean inside of frying machine.
5. The whole machine is made of food grade 304 stainless steel material. Ensure food production is clean and hygienic.
Corn Tortilla Chips Fryer Machine Stainless Steel
Note: The capacity depends on frying materials and frying time. Regardless of capacity or machine size, we can accept customized services according to your needs.

Application of Tostada Shells Fryer Machine
This continuous frying machine is mainly suitable for various kinds of fried food like meat pie, chicken nuggets, corn tortilla, spring roll wrappers, chips, nut, vegetables, fruit and other snacks, widely used in food industry with large capacity. The whole material adopts SUS304 stainless steel of higth quality.

This continuous tortilla chips fryer machine can be used independently, it also can be used in one complete frying line or others, equipped with deoiling machine, seasoning machine and so on.
Tostada Shells Frying Machine Deoiling Machine

Technical Data
Model GG-LZE3500A
Heating Type Electric
Power Convey1.5, Hoist 0.75, Heat100 KW
Size 3700*1400*2300 MM
Weight 800 KG
Capacity 200 KG/H
Mesh Belt Width 800 MM
Oil discharge 800L


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