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Working Video of Ethiopian Injera Bread Making Machine

Introduction of Ethiopian Flatbread Making Machine
Injera machine supplier delevoped different models of ethiopian flatbread machine, the machine can make ethiopian injera food with thickness of 2 ~ 4mm, also suitable for high capacity of spring roll sheet, curry horn skin, french crepes, and other sheet foods production; mainly used for food factories, restaurants, etc.

The working principle of the ethiopian flatbread machine: According to the production process of the batter, the teff flour and water are mixed to prepare the batter. After preparation, the batter is heated and baked by a round baking wheel, and after a period of time, the injera or other sheet food of a fixed thickness is formed.
Ethiopian Injera Bread Making Process
Production Process of Making Ethiopian Flatbread
Put the mixed dough into the dough bucket, after the baking wheel is heated to about 150-160 °C (temperature control meter shows the temperature), start the dough pump to deliver the dough to the nozzle and operate the clutch lever. Make the batter stick to the arc surface of the baking wheel.

When the bake wheel rotates through an angle of 270-300 degrees, the batter matures and automatically separates from the baking wheel to form injera of the same thickness. It is cut into cubes or other shapes by cutting machine.
Ethiopian Bread Making Machine Supplier
The Main Characteristics of Ethiopian Bread Machine
1. Can be customized according to user needs, making the round injera with different sizes and different output.
2. The ethiopian flatbread making machine can produce injera with thickness of 2mm-4mm and diameter size of 10-40cm.
3. Adopt advanced temperature control system to make the temperature reach zero error, no heat waste, and achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection.
4. The production cost of the injera machine is low, and the simple operating system can be operated by one person, saving labor to the greatest extent.
5. The company has launched a variety of ethiopian bread machine, the equipment is simple to operate, one person can produce, the product design is novel, the structure is reasonable.
Technical Data
Model GG-SR400-6X
Dia. of heating Cylinder 600mm
Max size of the sheet 400mm (can custom)
Making speed 230m/hour (can adjustable)
Input power 24KW
Heating method Electric
Machine size 5000*1300*1500mm
Composition making machine, cooling conveyor, cutting machine, alignment conveyor


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