GELGOOG Automatic Noodle Machine Price in Malaysia

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Description of GELGOOG Noodle Machine
The automatic noodle machine is a equipment that kneads flour through a relative rotation of a dough roll to form a dough having the necessary toughness and humidity, and then extrudes into noodles. It has a variety of models, the price is also different, to meet the needs of different users.

This noodles maker has features of low power, low energy consumption, powerful control system, wide coverage, low noise and high safety. Therefore, the sales volume is good, often exported to Malaysia, Philippines, India, Australia, Japan, Korea, Germany, and so on.
GELGOOG Noodle Machine
How Does The Noodle Machine Work?
The flour is pressed against the surface roller to form a dough piece, and then the dough piece is cut by the front head cutting knife to form a noodle. The shape of the noodles depends on the specifications of the cutting knives. All models can be equipped with different specifications of the cutting knives. Therefore, one set of automatic noodle machine can be made into noodles of various specifications by replacing the knives of different specifications.

Working Process of Noodle Machine Automatic

Features of Noodle Machine in Malaysia
1. It is a new type of noodle equipment, noodle maker runs continuously from feeding to discharging, has high degree of automation.
2. The production of noodles is high, the efficiency is high, and mechanized production is both time-saving and labor-saving.
3. The food contact part of the noodle making machine is made of stainless steel 304, which is effective against corrosion and rust.
4. The industrial noodle machine is easy to operate, quick to get started, and the noodles produced are good in toughness and good in taste.

Different models have different output, power, and the requirements of each customer on the machine are different, so the price of the machine is different. If you are interested in our gelgoog noodle machine, please come to consult.
Technical Data
Model GG5-250
Capacity 140-160kg/h
Power 3KW
Size(MM) 1700*680*1370
Weight(KG) 510


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