5-60CM Adjustable Arabic Kuboos Khubus Making Machine Price

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Basic Introduction of Khubus Making Machine
This arabic khubus machine includes dough sheeter machine and baking oven, mainly used for making different size of khuboos khubus, different diameter of kuboos can be adjusted by customer's demands. 
Automatic Kuboos Making Machine Price
Features of Arabic Khubus Making Machine
  1. Dough sheeter is a multifunctional machine, it includes pressing and forming parts. Can make dough skin in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as dumpling skin, wonton skin, samosa skin, chapati, tortilla, roti, kuboos and so on.
  2. Baking oven is used to bake arabic kuboos, take the formed pita bread out from the forming machine, then enter into the oven. The oven has two layer, can bake the bread of two side evenly. 
  3. Factory can change size and shape of khubus by changing different moulds. Size can be customized from 5-60cm according to customer’s requirement, and the thickness can be adjusted.
  4. Automatic working, easy operation, save time and labor cost. It can be connected with dough mixer, oven and cooling machine as fully production line.
  5. The kuboos machine mold can be customized, can make different size of arabic khubus products, and customize conveyor length, belt width, affordable price.

Here is a testing video of Arabic Khubus Machine

Widely Used of Automatic Kuboos Machine
This khubus making machine mainly uses wheat flour or corn flour as raw materials to make chapati of different shapes and sizes. The main product are roti, kulcha, chapati, tortilla, pita bread and so on, different regions are called differently. The arabic kuboos khubus machine has different models, users can choose according to their needs. Different capacity has different price.
Commercial Kuboos Chapatti Making Machine
Advantages of Low Price Kuboos Chapatti Machine
1. Forming molds shapes, size can be customized that can make different diameter and thickness of khubus.
2. Equipped with recycling system, waste can be recycled without wasting material.
3. Adjustable belt and rolling speed to meet different production capacity.
4. Stainless steel material with high hygiene standard, easy operation,cleaning and maintenance.
Technical Data
Model Diameter
Dough Sheeter
Size (mm)
Dough Sheeter
Weight (kg)
Oven Size
Oven Weight
GGLP3-380 50-320 0.5-16 3+1.2 1750*780*1170 340 2700*880*950 540
GGLP3-400 50-350 0.5-16 3+1.2 1750*800*1170 350 2700*900*950 570
GGLP3-450 50-400 0.5-16 3+1.2 1750*850*1170 380 2700*950*950 620
GGLP3-530 50-470 0.5-16 3+1.2 1750*930*1170 410 2700*1030*950 680
GGLP3-580 50-520 0.5-16 3+1.2 1750*980*1170 440 2700*1080*950 730
GGLP3-650 50-600 0.5-16 3+1.2 1750*1050*1170 480 2700*1150*950 770


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