Vietnam Automatic Summer Roll Wrappers Making Machine

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Summer Roll Wrappers Making Machine Description
The automatic machine can make spring roll sheet, roast duck lumpia wrappers, curry puff skin, etc. Just pour the prepared batter into the storage pot, the machine can feed, bake summer roll wrappers, cut it and quantify the stack automaticlly. 
Spring Roll Wrapper Making Machine Automatic
All finished products are the same size, suitable for subsequent packaging, freezing and distribution. This summer roll wrappers machine can be used with continuous fryer machine to make fried spring roll wrappers.

The Characters of Automatic Summer Roll Wrappers Machine
① The whole machine is processed with nationally certified food materials, which can ensure that the food produced is more hygienic.
② Mechanized production replaces traditional manual processing, with high production efficiency and good quality of spring rolls.
③ Summer roll wrapper making machine is safe and practical, good insulation, saving manpower and material resources.
④ The knife edge is slightly separated from the baking wheel, which reduces the wear of the knife edge on the baking wheel and improves the life of the machine.
⑤ 304 material transportation belt, safety, hygiene, and reliability, the whole machine uses anti-corrosion and rust-proof 304 material.

Here is a testing video of summer roll wrappers making machine

Working Process of Vietnam Summer Roll Wrappers Machine
1. According to different spring roll skin recipes, mix flour, water and other materials in a certain ratio;
2. Pour the batter evenly into the storage tank, and the machine can extract the batter onto the baking wheel.
3. After turning the baking wheel and turning to a 270 degree, the spring roll wrapper can be baked and formed;
4. The conveyor belt transports the summer roll sheet and then is cooled by the fan.
5. The automatic summer roll wrappers making machine cuts the whole sheet into spring roll wrappers of equal size.

Technical Data
Model GG-SR400-8X GG-SR400-8F GG-SR400-8Y
Power 57KW 57KW 57KW
Machine Size 5500*1300*1500mm 4000*1300*1500mm 3500*1300*1500mm
Voltage 380V 50HZ, 3 phase 380V 50HZ, 3 phase 380V 50HZ, 3 phase
Baking Wheel Diameter 800mm 800mm 800mm
Sheet Size 420mm 420mm 420mm

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