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Hot sell peanut butter production equipment

2016-12-05 by Tina

peanut butter production equipment is suitable for wet material in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries crushing, can play a variety of fluid and emulsion material crushing, emulsifying, homogenizing and mixed, main technical indicators have reached the advanced level of similar foreign products.
it mainly used for peanut butter, silky, flavor , sweet and salty butter , peppery butter , sesame paste, its biggest advantage is high output, and can be directly to the whole peanut grinding paste. also apply to milk, peanut milk and dairy protein , essence, all kinds of beverages, aloe, pollen walls, pineapple, , ice cream, moon cake stuffing, butter, conserve, fruit juice, etc.
This machine is through different geometrical shapes, relative motion of the rotor rotating at high speed, by cutting, grinding, high frequency vibration and get broken. Crushing chamber is equipped with three grinding area, level for the coarse grinding area, secondary for fine grinding area, level 3 for superfine grinding area, through adjusting the clearance between the rotor and can effectively one-time desired effect of superfine crushing processing (or circulation). The machine has compact structure, smooth rotation, low noise, corrosion resistant, easy cleaning, maintenance is convenient wait for a characteristic, is the ideal equipment of wet grinding.
The machine is determined by the geometry, different rotor rotating in high speed under the relative motion, obtained by shearing, crushing, grinding and high frequency vibration. The crushing chamber is provided with three grinding zone, a grade for coarse grinding, fine grinding area as two level, three level for the attritor area, through adjusting the stator and rotor, can effectively achieve the required a superfine crushing effect (or cycle). This machine has the characteristics of compact structure, smooth running, low noise, corrosion resistant, easy cleaning, convenient repair. is currently the most ideal equipment in the wet ground.
peanut butter production equipment

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