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Latest Peanut Processing Machine

2016-11-08 by Lisa

Due to the sprawling infrastructure, we have succeeded in meeting the diverse needs of our customers by providing Peanut Processing Machine. Sophisticatedly constructed, these machines are manufactures under the supervision of our professionals by keeping the requirements of customers' in mind. Known for high functionality, low maintenance, dimensional accuracy and longer service life, these machined are widely demanded by our clients. Our offered a variety of peanuts processing machine such as Peanut Roasting Machine, Peanut Peeling Machine, Peanut Grinding Machine and so on.

peanut peeling machine

Peanut peeling machine
This machine is the most advanced peanuts dry peeling equipment, with reasonable structure, smooth operation, long service life, high clean rate characteristic.Mainly used for peanuts, peanut butter, milky white peanut milk.Roasted Peanut Peeling Machine can be used multiple combinations,to finish feeding,peeling,skin suction, sorting, cleaning, packaging conveyor, the peeling quality can meet export standards.The Roasted Peanut Peeling Machine adopts rolling rubbing and peeling method,has the advantages of stable performance, long service life, good peeling effects,high productivity and good quality.The Roasted Peanut Peeling Machine is with the characters of high automation,high rate of broken valve, low noise, no pollution etc.

peanut roasting machine

Peanut roasting machine
This machine is commercial hot sale multipurpose roaster equipment in market. It can be used to roast various nuts, like, peanut, chestnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, almonds, seeds, coffee bean, sesame, sunflower seeds, walnuts, pepper, rice etc. It utilizes drum horizontal structure, uniform heating for roasting material, automatic rotation, automatic stir, roasting and discharging. When working, drum will rotate continuously, roasting material from all different direction, will no phenomenon of stick pan. And roasting nuts have good color, fragrant.

peanut grinding machine

Peanut grinding machine
Grinding sauce machine is used for peanuts, sesame seeds, walnuts and other crops, and also suitable for grinding fruits and vegetables. The machine adopts the differential design, grinding material based on the characteristics of the material so that the material processing fineness further increase yields, can adjust the thickness of the grinding head. According to requirements, water circulation pipe diameter was increased, greatly reducing the temperature of the material, so that the product’s taste closes to nature.

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