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The development of cube sugar making machine

2016-11-22 by Tina

The traditional cube sugar making machine with compression molding in. Molding machine is the main part of a horizontal cylindrical drum, on the surface of the circumference of a circle that it side-by-side with many columns (usually 24 column) runner mold and each mold has more than 10 square hole. Drum rotating at a speed of more than 10 RPM. Good wet sugar after shock hopper fall into the square hole at the top of the drum, the drum rotation, be outward from the center of the head pressure, gradually form a square. They were in rotation to the bottom position of head pin, landed on a conveyor belt. This kind of molding in also called ADANT method or Hersey method. It is made of sugar is hard, angular.
Sweden in the 1970 s sugar company research successful new vibration molding in sugar, also known as SSA method or VIBRO method. It applies the modern consolidation technology, with high frequency vibration makes the grain consolidation of sugar evenly and sturdy square. In this method, the sugar has better gloss (due to the grain on the surface will not be crushed), intergranular pore uniformity, high porosity, dissolved faster. This kind of machine similar belt conveyor, continuous cycle operation. It is equipped with 250 made of special alloy surface teflon strip mold, each with a square hole in the 18. Use electric vibrator to make horizontal direction of the high frequency vibration of the mold to wet the sugar is put into a small square, and gather closely and bonded into squares. After another vibrator with vertical vibration and die rise will die of sugar in the discharge to the conveyor belt. The mold after emptying, after injection of hot water washing and hot air blow dry, again into the material. This method is more suitable for mass production.

cube sugar making machine