Banana chips:Dried fruits are still very nutritious

2016-11-22 by admin
banana chips

Banana chip is a dry cargo after peeling banana and cut into chip, it is easy to storage and eat. Banana chip is a very popular snack, mainly made by hot air drying processing method.
In China, Banana cultivated in Guangxi Is the best taste , In order to make the people in the north can eat fruit from the south, in addition to implement a set of scientific storage and transportation measures, people usually processed bananas into banana chips. Can not only reduce the economic losses due to decay, but also to adjust the market, increase revenue.
Banana chips is have lots of therapeutic effects, it contain a lot of protein and minerals, it can maintain the balance of sodium and potassium in the body.Banana chips are rich in sugar which can provide energy for the human body after eating.and banana chips contains a large number of dietary fiber, it is easy to feel full after eating, can play to promote gastrointestinal motility and can promote metabolism.
At the process of producing banana chips, de-water is very important, so Gelgoog will share you the kowledage of De-water machine now.
The De-water machine is made of high quality stainless steel, with excellent performance, stable running and high dewatering rate. The main components of the machine is liner tank ,and there are many holes arounf the inner tank.Put the banana chips our other productions in the inner tank.Inner tank is linked with belt, can drive high speed rotation through the motor. So the water through holes on the inner liner was thrown out by centrifugal force, uniform discharge after collection.The parameter of De-water Machine is “Power:2.2kw    380v-3/220v-3,480KG, 1200*700*900mm, Capacity:800kg/h”.
The machine is sludge treatment / handling system, compact structure,  low footprint, easy maintainance, convenient operation ,obtain the thickened sludge with high solids content.
The features of machine:
1.High quality, robust structure by stainless steel for heavy duty task
2. Variable rotation speed to control the concentration of the thickened sludge
3. Double drums are available for large volume and continuous operation
4. Low power consumption; Low polymer consumption
5. Supplied complete with control panel and washing pump (Option)

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