How much do you know about production process of cassava starch?

2016-11-22 by admin
Wet processing technology of cassava starch, Including two drum cleaning and pulp, slurry screening, countercurrent washing, oxidation reduction bleaching (with fresh cassava as raw materials to be bleached), cyclone, sand slurry separation, slurry dehydration, overflow a negative pulse airflow drying
1.Raw material :Raw material is the material basis of production, The quality of raw materials is directly related to the quality of the product. Cassava starch plant raw materials have two kinds of fresh cassava and cassava.
2. Raw material transportation:Using a set of potato machine, conveyor, cassava from the stacking yard to the cleaning machine, the requirements are to ensure the normal supply of raw materials.
3.Cleaning: Using Cage model cleaning machine, The machine is divided into rough wash area, bath area, clean wash area. Cassava roll forward with rotation of the wall with water as medium,spraying, washing, bathing, grinding, cleaning, in addition to skin . Requirements washing sediment, and peel rate reached more than 80%, then into the broken process.

cassava starch processing line

4. Broken solution: The role of the broken solution is to destroy the organization structure of Cassava , in order to make small starch granules can disintegrate, isolated from cassava roots. Gelgoog’s Hammer crusher hammer, cut, squezze, extrusion to cassava by high-speed operation, to separate the starch granules constantly. And take water as medium ,process cassava into starch syrup. At present, the two breaking process is widely adopted, In order to make the disintegration of the cassava tissue more fully and more small The separation of starch granules is more thorough, and the extraction rate is more favorable.
5. Agitation: Agitation is a necessary part in the process of crushing, screening, bleaching, removing sand, separating and dewatering. Its function is to store puree, whey, balance serum concentration, adjust the pH value of whey, promote starch separation, avoid starch precipitation.The mixing time need to be grasp, the stirring time is too long will make the whey sour, liquefaction, lower viscosity and starch recovery rate.
6. The dilute starch stock breaking, after mixing for screening, so that the starch and fiber separation. Meanwhile, starch milk need to removed fine slag , fibers need to be recycled for starch. Through screening, to achieve the purpose of separation and purification of starch.
7. Separation: the effect of separation is to separate insoluble protein from starch in whey, and residual soluble proteins and other impurities . So as to achieve the purpose of washing, refining and concentration of starch milk.
8. Dehydration and dry: The separation process of concentrated milk still contains a lot of water, so it must be dehydrated, to facilitate drying.Then the wet starch is transported to the air flow drying machine after the dewatering of the scraper centrifuge.

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