Industrial production of cassava starch

2016-11-22 by admin
Cassava starch is mainly used as industrial sectors as food, sugar, medicine, feed, textile, papermaking, chemical raw materials.
Cassava starch production process is a physical separation process, it is to separate the starch and cellulose, white, inorganic and other substances in cassava. In the process of production, according to starch is not soluble in cold water and its specific gravity is greater than water,using water and special mechanical equipment, separate the starch from the suspension of water, so as to achieve the purpose of recycling starch. Its production process is divided into transportation, cleaning, broken solution, impregnation, screening, bleaching, sand removal, separation, dehydration, dry bath, air cooling, packaging and other processes.
Cassava starch raw materials include fresh cassava and cassava chips, they are the main material of production, must ensure quality, fresh cassava, purchase and machining.No mud, sand, roots, xylem, and other impurities should be mixed; cassava requires dry, no mildew, no insects, no deterioration.

cassava starch processing plant

The wet processing technology of cassava starch including roller cleaning, two broken solutions, concentrated pulp screening, countercurrent washing, bleaching (with fresh cassava as raw material to be bleached), Cyclone sand removal, slurry separation, slurry overflow method, first stage negative pressure pulse air flow drying.
Need to pay attention to in the process of processing:
1.In order to ensure the quality of the products and improve the recovery rate, the fresh degree of cassava raw materials must be guaranteed in the process of processing.
2. Peel off the net, because cyanide toxin mainly concentrated in cassava , peel off the necan greatly reduce the cyanide content of potato.
3. In order to ensure the quality of products, Should pay attention to the cleaning equipment regularly to keep machine clean and sanitary.
The Cassava Starch Processing Plant in Gelgoog, have good factory design , The production flow layout is combined with the plane flow and vertical flow, Covers less area , with less pipe, with less pump, save investment, reduce energy consumption. Production process is short, from the cast expected to produce the finished product only needs 30min. Continuous production process, high efficiency of equipment, In addition to the drying process, the whole production process under normal temperature and pressure conditions. By adopting the new technology, the level of production technology can be further improved, give full play to the equipment capacity, reduce the number of devices, reduce energy consumption and production costs, increase production, improve product quality.
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