You want to some sugar?Cube Sugar, yes please.

2016-11-22 by admin
“Sugar, yes please, won't you come and put it down on me”.When the melody spinning in the head, Do you ever think about how cube sugar be produced ? Actually, Cubic sugar is made from refined grains refined granulated sugar, and has long history in foreign country. In China its consumption will increase as people's living standards improve rapidly.

cube sugar making machine

Sugar is also called white sugar in China, the quality of sugar is pure, white and shiny, edges complete, appropriate fast, solid, not easily broken, but quickly dissolved in water.
Traditional production methods of sugars is compression molding. The main part of the molding machine is a horizontal cylindrical drum. There are many long strip mold on the surface of machine, each mold has more than and 10 square holes.The drum rotate at a speed of 10 per minute. The sugar after wet granulated, fall into shock feed hopper, then fall into the square hole in the top of the drum , with the rotation of the drum. Suger will be press gradually by the pressure head which moved from the center to the outside.then sugar can from square . They are rolled out of the hole at the bottom of the rotating to the bottom position, and landed on the conveyor belt. This method is also called adant method or Hersey method. The sugar made by this merhod is hard and angular.
Gelgoog’s cube sugat production line including Sugar Grinder Machine, Mixed Spiral Feeding Machine,Sugar Making Machine,Tablet Linkage Conveyor,Infrared Drying Tunnel,Cooler Machine,Semi-automatic Sugar Packing Machine.
The advantages of cube sugat production line:
 1. Compact structure, realizable performance, the chassis is made of stainless steel and the surface with specific polishing. Preventing the cross infection, conforming to GMP standards.
2. Equipped with transparent windows, people can observe the pressure process, Windows can be opened, easy to clean and maintenance.
3. The machine has the Characteristics that big pressure, wide range of tablets, etc, can apply to the conventional slice, especially suitable for various varieties and small batch production.
4. Equipped with pressure overload protection, once overload, stop the machine immediately.
5. with immersion type lubrication transmission mechanism, easy to heat dissipation and prolong its service life.

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