Comparisons between fried instant noodle and non-fried instant noodle

2016-11-22 by Ellie
When the instant noodle was invented in the beginning, there were several drying methods. However, it found that frying is the most effective method finally. As a result, the instant noodle has been frying for many years. With the healthy consciousness deepening, fried foods are criticized by consumers step by step. At present, the non-fried instant noodle is paid more and more attentions, so what’s the difference between them? What’s influences will it bring to instant noodle?
non fried instant noodle machine
1.       The difference between instant noodle and normal noodles
In a word, the instant noodle is a kind of cooked noodles. For convenience, noodles can be stored after drying. The dried noodles can become soft and return to the former condition in a short time when it is put into the hot water. In this process, there is neither new nutrient nor harmful thing. Noodles are still the noodles. The former instant noodle had no sources, but it was invented later. Of course, in order to increase the stability of preservation, an appropriate dose of additives may be added. As long as additives are legal, they will not change the nutrients of noodles.
2.       The influences of frying on instant noodle
As for instant noodles, the most effective and convenient drying method is frying. The steamed noodles are put into oil with the temperature of 140-160, and water content in the instant noodle can be reduced to 2% within two minutes. Under this circumstance, bacteria will not produce. Instant noodles with sealing can be preserved for a long time.
3.       The influence of non-fried instant noodle
Because people are tire of fat, fried instant noodle has getting negative comments constantly. Therefore, consumers are paying attention to the non-fried instant noodles avoiding the frying process successfully. The non-fried instant noodles are dried by the hot wind, and other processes are all the same.
The non-fried instant noodle is dried with the hot wind, and water content can be reduced to 10 % within 30 minutes. The advantages of non-fried instant noodle are obvious. It contains no oil, so there are no healthy problems brought by the fat.
4.       How to eat instant noodle healthily
As for instant noodles, a usual comment is rubbish food with no nutritious value. There is no practical meaning to talk about whether the instant noodle is nutritious or not, because it only provides the starch elements as rice and steamed buns. No food can provide all elements that human body needs. As a part of foods, there is no essential difference with normal noodles.
 There is no bad food, only with bad recipes, which is the basic principle of healthy diet. Instant noodle belongs to the range of fast foods, and it can provide enough carbohydrates, on the contrary, a large number of fat can be provided by fried instant noodles. When eating instant noodles, egg, meat and cooking oil can be added.
Therefore, with the popularity of non fried instant noodles, how can the non fried instant noodle machine can’t be popular on the market?


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