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Buy Wafer Biscuit Production Line

2018-02-08 by Lisa

Wafer biscuit is a dessert snack, is the wheat flour (or glutinous rice powder), starch as the main raw materials, add emulsifier, swelling agent, and other accessories, after the powder, pouring, baking, made of porous film or shape, in the cake between or in the middle of the mold add sugar, grease and other sandwich material of two or more layers of biscuits. How to make the wafer biscuits, there is a equipment is necessary, that is wafer biscuit producion line.
wafer biscuit production line
Where to buy wafer biscuit production line? This is a wafer biscuit manufacturer concerned question, good equipment can bring us good returns. The production line is a comprehensive domestic and foreign advanced structure of similar products on the basis of the use of electric heating for the heat source design of a new generation of products, domestic exclusive development, it successfully solved the production cost of Granville Biscuit, biscuit surface color difference big problem. The production line consists of feeding system, automatic feeding, tunnel oven, sending machine, cooling film machine, paint machine, forming machine, slicing machine and other components, compact structure, good stability, become the food industry preferred ideal equipment.

If you want to buy this wafer biscuit machine to make high quality and different wafer biscuits, please contact with me and we can provide you the machine price and details according to your requirement.

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