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The noodle making machine is delivered to the People's Republic of Bangladesh

2016-11-01 by admin

As a kind of staple foods, noodles have a great impact on our life, compared with rice, the noodle is easy to digest and good for people’s health. A customer of our company from to the People's Republic of Bangladeshis visiting our company, and he tells our colleagues that he wants to purchase the noodle making machine, because he browsed our website several days ago, he wants to visit our company in person in order to ensure whether our machines are well produced or not.
customer visit
After our customer’s requirement is known by our company, he is invited to visit our company today, with the help of our colleagues, and our customer goes to the plant as well. After consultation and observation, our customer makes a decision to purchase the noodle making machine from us immediately, so his goods will be on its way to our customer’s country as quickly as possible.
noodle making machine
As we know, the process of noodle making is complicated, so the whole production includes: the flour mixed machine, dough sheet pressing machine, noodle forming machine, cutting machine, noodle hanging machine, drying machine, packing machine. In order to save time and energy for our customers, the whole production line with complete and excellent connectivity is provided with customers in our company.
fresh noodle
As to the noodle molding knives, our company can customize the width of knives according to customer’s demand, so different shapes of noodles can be made with this machine. if you are interested in this machine, please contact us with no hesitation, as our company who is engaged in the production of machines regards the meeting of customer’s demand as our working principle, and it is our duty to serve our customers.