Peanut Frying Processing Line 300kg/h|Groundnut Frying Machine in Nigeria

Peanut Frying Processing Line 300kg/h|Groundnut Frying Machine in Nigeria
  • Peanut Frying Machine
  • Peanut Frying Processing Line
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Peanut Frying Processing Line 300kg/h|Groundnut Frying Machine in Nigeria
  • MOQ:1 Set/Sets
  • Supply Ability: 200 Set/Sets Per Month
  • Pay Method: WEST UNION L/C T/T CASH
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port


The Characteristics of Peanut Processing Frying Line
1. This fried peanut is a nice snack, it is very popular in Nigeria, the groundnut frying machine with the principle of skillful use, the residue of oil, water and animal oil has been submerged in the water, and the animal oil is submerged in the underlayer of the plant oil. The residue, animal oil and repeated frying in the traditional fryer have been solved to produce carcinogens.
2, improving the quality, ensuring the health special technology to make the residue and animal fat leave the work layer, and the central heating to effectively control the upper and lower oil layer convection, so as to ensure that the oil layer is pure, the fried food is not only color and fragrance, the appearance is clean and beautiful (no black spot), the quality of the groundnut frying machine is raised, and the shelf life is prolonged.
Peanut Frying Processing Line
3. Save frying oil and environmental protection. This peanut frying machine solves the problem of excessive oil volatilization caused by overheating and drying of traditional frying machine. Oil and water mixing technology makes the water below the oil layer produce a small amount of steam, and permeates the oil layer to supplement the water to the deep fried oil, thus restraining the oil from volatilization. The central heating process can control the temperature of the upper and lower parts of the electric control device at will according to the need, effectively relieving the oxidation range of the fried oil, inhibiting the production of acid medium and thus prolonging the production. The use period of the fried oil, reducing the waste, more than 50% of the traditional oil fryer saving, at the same time reducing the air pollution, let the operator to avoid smoked fire.
4. The oil is not flavored, one peanut frying machine uses this process to control the position of the plant oil and the proportion of the plant oil and the animal oil, so that the oil of the fried food is naturally submerged in the underlayer of the plant oil, so the upper and middle work oil is always kept pure, and the various kinds of food can be fried at the same time without the taste of each other. A machine is used for a lot of use. Can increase your business variety.
5, the peanut frying processing line is equipped with advanced automatic temperature control device, oil temperature between normal temperature and 230 degrees. After the fry selects the temperature, it automatically controls the heating up and breaking, in order to protect the constant temperature, not only reduces the energy consumption, but also operates easily and quickly, and improves the working efficiency, and is deeply welcomed by the users.
Groundnut Frying Machine in Nigeria
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Working Flow of Groundnut Frying Machine
Prepare peanuts——Deep frying——Deoiling——Cooling——Seasoning

Technical Data

No. Name Quantity(set) Power
1 Gas Type Continuous Deep Fryer 1 2.25Kw
2 Oil filter 1 1.5Kw
3 Bottom Discharging Deoiling Machine 1 1.5Kw
4 Conveying and Lifting Machine 1 0.55Kw
5 Cooling Machine 1 8.6Kw
6 Rotary Type Seasoning Machine 1 2.25Kw


How can i ensure the machine i received is undamaged?
→ Before delivering the goods, we will send you the pictures of the product and the package. Before signing in, make sure the pakage is undamaged. If any question happens, pls contact me as soon as possible.
I want ro make an order, which kind of payment mode will your company accept?
→T/T, Western Union, L/C, and Money Gram.
What should I do if i meet trouble while using?
→Don't worry about it. If there is any question, pls contact us as soon as possible. Our professional engineers will solve the problem for you. Just let us know your problem.
If i order this machine from you, when will you deliver this machine for me?
→After you make the payment, we usually deliver the machine within 7 working days.


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