A story about the macaroni pasta

2017-01-07 by Tina
In the second world war, not only have the allied prisoners of war and staunch Nazi prisoners tried to escape from prison camp, want to go back to troops and front; Italy's prisoners of war also had fled to experience, but their "escape" is "colorful", so to speak. Actually Italian prisoners of war has always been very cooperate and pay attention to "chivalry", there will be no escape behavior, but there is some "unstable" prisoner of war tried to escape, and the cause of the escape is also varied.
At 197 British pow camp held the Italian prisoners of war, these prisoners of war very fit and very honest, British people management is also very loose, but suddenly one day escaped pow camp 197 Italian prisoners of war, to be found that they had dug tens of meters long tunnel was running. This is called the National People's Congress for the rage. Don't think the Italians also have the courage to escape, prison camp up and down all have no face, and launch all the power of the camp, including the rest of the Italian prisoners of war to go looking for (don't know how to think, the commander wants prisoners of war to prisoners of war). Can be found nearly half a month doesn't even have a shadow, as if from the human life evaporate. Appear only reported, so the camp commandant crustily skin of head, 197 reported prisoners escape. Commanders have waiting to removed, even going to military tribunals.
macaroni pasta
Not a few days, the group of prisoners of war found, they run to the other camp. And ready to put them back to the original camp, can this group of "brave" Italian anyway don't go back, reasons are various, one of the most important reason is that the camp treatment is good, still can eat pasta every week, the pow camp treatment is bad, result in the original camp prisoners heard also asked to go to the other side of the camp as "prisoners of war".

This is called the British people in distress situation, so we have to order 197 camp also supply a weekly pasta, just call the "brave" Italians back, and this group of "brave" "prisoners" like they won the war, lined up, Italian folk song singing cheerful happy waiting for "macaroni" back to the camp.

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