How to Remove Skin from Chickpeas?

2019-07-23 by Tina
This working principle show us how to remove skin from chickpeas.
The soaked chickpea is poured into the hopper, then vibrated to enter the rotating rubber tire fixed by the three power rollers, and the peeling is effected by the effect of the induction bar and the feeding wheel. Peeled chickpea was discharged in the hopper, the skin thrown through the rejection of the wheel.
Chickpeas Peeling Machine
The chickpea peeling machine is used for removing the skin from the chickpeas, it also can be used wet peanut, almond, nuts etc. The peeler machine is highly efficient and has different models for customers choice.

The peeler machine is suitable for wet peeling separation of soybeans, peas, almonds and other beans. The peeling rate is above 98%, which is an ideal equipment for peeling chickpeas. It has two functions of peeling and separating, high peeling rate, reliable quality, high efficiency and energy saving, and convenient operation.

This chickpeas peeling machine remove the skin with high efficiency, and the machine has high quality. If you are buying a chickpea peeler, you can contact us and we will recommend the right machine according to your requirements.

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