How to Mass Produce Granola Bars?

2019-12-12 by Lisa
The Granola Bar Manufacturing Machine can realize the mass production of the product, and the shape and size of the produced granola bars are consistent, and its output is several times that of the manual production.

Granola bar is a popular food in Asia, and the use of traditional techniques and modern technology combined and refined. Granola bars are well formed and taste good, also size can be adjusted as required.
Automatic Granola Bar Making Machine
The Characteristics of Automatic Granola Bar Machine
1. The granola bar machine has different output options, which meets the needs of customers.
2. The size of granola bar is the same, there are special sizes that can be adjusted by the mold.
3. All functions of the molding line can be adjusted by one or two PLC control cabinets.
4. Suitable for making different products, such as energy bar, cereal bar, oat bar, cereal bar, protein bar, fruit bar, etc.
5. This equipment realizes mass production, improves production efficiency, and reduces labor expenditure.

The automatic granola bar manufacturing machine is specially developed to meet the growing demand for such products (such as Snickers, Nougat, cereal bars, energy bars, fruit bars, protein bars). This production line can produce various similar products with high production efficiency.

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