Two Types Puffed Machine Introduction

2017-01-04 by Lisa

puffed machine

There are different types of puffing machines, for example, feed expander machines and food puffed machine.
 Feed expander is mainly used for puffing food, livestock and poultry feed or expanding single raw materials, and can also be used as the pretreatment of the raw materials of vegetable oil and the production of drinking wine. The machine relates to a twin-screw expander, which is mainly used for the production and processing of high-grade aquatic products and pet food materials, especially the material processing with large viscosity. The functional diversity of the expander makes it widely used in the fields of feed, food and industry.

But now we're not talking about the fish feed expander, presumably eat puffed food must be a lot of friends, it is necessary to know a lot of puffed food is produced by the expansion of machinery. The puffed food making machine is a device for processing puffed food. Such as processing rice, corn, soybean, wheat, etc in daily life. The main principle is that the mechanical energy into heat, use the a amount of heat by the machine rotates to squeeze the food to cook thoroughly, after the expansion of food is the most obvious feature of large volume. 

Puffing machine brings us memories of childhood, with the upgrading, the expansion machine is more and more able to meet the needs of consumers. 


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