You choose sweet coffee or bitter coffee?

2017-01-03 by Tina
Bitter coffee is more fragrant, refreshing is good, can also help to lose weight, but if just started drinking coffee may not be used. Sweet coffee tastes rather slippery.The different of the sweet coffee and bitter coffee, sweet coffee add several cube sugar. The cube sugar was product by cube sugar production line, it is able to produce various shape of high quality sugar cube such as square sugar, heart-shaped sugar and special shape sugar cube.
cube sugar
Bitter coffee, will you choose?
Bitter coffee, drink in the mouth is bitter, but coffee is to make coffee vagrant in every corner of the mouth. Tasted suffering, tongue and bitter coffee blend, lingering, until the entire mouth is full of bitter taste, and then carefully through the throat to swallow the bitter. Slowly the bitter taste of light, leaving only the coffee's mouth is sweet, even after the nasal cavity is filled with the bitter sweet, for a long time has not dispersed. When the aroma is cleared, and a small mouth, bitter coffee again.
A cup of bitter coffee can drink for a long time.

Or choose sweet coffee?
Because of the added sugar to the bitter taste, and a small mouth will taste of coffee is sweet and rock sugar filar silk is sweet. Maybe for this sweet meaning, for it is sweet, we can make it stay a little longer in the oral cavity. When after its throat, but can't taste bitter coffee so rich, pure sweet, because of added sugar, went to the bitter coffee, also claimed the full-bodied sweet coffee. Which made us eager to a sip of coffee to keep it with rock sugar is sweet.
A cup of coffee with sweet drink soon.


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