Chin Chin Pastry Cutting Machine For Chinchin Business

2020-01-07 by Lisa
Chin chin is a fried snack popular in West Africa, mostly in Cameroon and Nigeria. With the manufactured of chin chin pastry cutting machine, people are more efficient in making chinchin of more shapes, such as strips, rhombuses, triangles, squares, and so on. 
Chin Chin Pastry Cutting Machine For Business
How to produce Chin Chin?
Chin chin pastry is made of flour, sugar and milk, water, also include eggs, nutmeg and baking powder according to individual preference; Then use the mixer to form dough, take out the dough and put it on a dough sheeter, then use a chin chin pastry cutting machine to cut the dough into small pieces of uniform sizes.

This chin chin pastry cutting machine can cut the chin chin cube in different shapes, for example, square, triangle, rhombus, rectangle, etc. Put the chin chin dough in a deep fryer to fry until golden, then remove the oil, and eat better.
Chin Chin Cutting Machine for Chinchin Business
Here are the main features of Chin Chin Cutter Machine
1. The cutting machine is developed on the principle of simulating manual cutting, it is a multifunctional pastry cutting machine.
2. The main components of the equipment are frame, transmission part, pressing part, conveying part, and chinchin forming and cutting part.
3. This electric chin chin cutter machine can cut and chin chin of various patterns such as pieces, strips, silk, dices, diamonds, and curves.
4. Made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, 2mm thick, the bearing used is stainless steel 316 bearing, and the motor is an adjustable speed motor.

This chin chin cutting machine is very suitable for users who want to expand their business or start chin chin business. If you are interested and want to know more about the pastry cutter machine, please contact with us. Email:  whatsapp/wechat/mobile: +8615515571373.


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