China's potato chips industry usher in a period of rapid development

2017-01-05 by Tina
In recent years, China's potato chips food market fast development, the size of the market continues to expand.
photo chips
From a single original market, slowly turned to a variety of flavor seasoning (cumin, spicy, etc.), when the tomato potato chips appeared, in the chip market dominate. Manufacturer brands of potato chips taste constantly, produce the different regional styles of potato chips, a stone up, more local flavor of potato chips are also beginning to arises at the historic moment. Cool and refreshing fruit series (cucumber, cherry, lemon, etc.) and so on market, hot summer eat potato chips is no longer feel greasy, was inundated with consumers. The uniqueness of taste, can attract more consumers to taste, to love, to go. Marketing the potato chips industry is the primary taste, but also the most direct, the most effective way of marketing.

Impact the taste of the consumer is to break out, have no choice, the enterprise and timely youth consumer groups may be defined as their main market, aimed at young consumers into their favorite stars as a brand agent, will star the influence of combined with its own brand, and introduced some new flavors, can lead the young consumer groups of a new round of make track for a star, also achieve their own brand products sell like hot cakes.

With star advertising, let the consumer feel visual fatigue, potato chips enterprises begin to start packing the articles. outside consistent barrel packaging and introduced a more convenient for consumers to carry pocket bag, lay's launched against white-collar drawers, want a large bags, portable, economical, everything. Packaging not only changes, even beginning to change the shape of chips, a triangle, thickening, wavy, let crisp crisp feeling more bright. Changes in appearance, packaging, also let the enterprise will be chips trait to an extreme.

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