How to Install Fried Shrimp Chips Frying Machine?

2020-03-17 by Tina
Shrimp chips frying machine can fry the food in easy way, it have advanced design, and automatic operation. There are different heating methods can be choosed, electric and gas heating, also can customize by customers' request. Here is steps of installing machine.
Automatic Healthy Shrimp Chips Fryer Machine
How to Install and Adjust Automatic Shrimp Chips Frying Machine?
  1. Place the prawn cracker fryer machine on the ground and adjust the feet to keep the machinery level.
  2. Connect the gas and pipeline well, and there must be no leakage. Connect the power supply.
  3. Bolts and screws at the joints of various parts of chips frying machine should be fastened without loosening.
  4. Unscrew the fixing nut, adjust the tensioning shaft, adjust the conveying chain, and tighten the fixing nut after adjustment.
  5. Adjust the slag removal device to make the transmission flexible and the speed appropriate, and there must be no jamming.
  6. The lubricant level of the transmission reducer and slag reducer should be normal.
  7. Adjust the conveyor speed to the required frying time (based on the food being fried).

The above are the steps when installing the shrimp chips frying machine. Besides, we also provide installation videos and installation instructions, thus customers can operate the fryer machine in more detail. 

According to the different fried foods, the frying temperature and time can be adjusted at will, and automatic deslagging mechanism can be set. This prawn cracker fryer machine is a safe, convenient and hygienic equipment. If you are interested, please contact with us.

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