Instant noodle production line production process

2017-01-05 by Tina
Food is closely related to our daily, to the food safety problems frequently reported in the media environment, many consumers are concerned about what to eat food produced. With the era development, food production have already out of the stage of traditional handicraft, mechanization, standardization is the mainstream. And these changes are due to the food machinery industry development, such as the production has a complete set of instant noodles, instant noodles production line, including frying machine, food packages installed, testing equipment and so on.

Have you ever seen a hard figure production workshop? Here, from the instant noodles made of flour, noodles, Fried cake and other steps are all mechanized operation: for powder through the automatic, continuous blending surface, composite rolling, cutting silk wave, cooking, pour the juice, cut off, the whole face, Fried, cold cut, surface storage, package, packing and so on dozens of production process, from raw materials to semi-finished products on the production line flow fast, blink of an eye to finish the whole boxes of instant noodles production evolved from flour. Moreover, these are all production lines automatically, such a big plant, but only a few people management workers.

"Fried" dehydration is an important link in production of instant noodles, put oil airtight Fried box, avoid contact with air oxidation reaction, also can successfully avoid generated by the reaction of harmful substances. Fried now production line is equipped with online fine filtration system, the oil filter in real-time to housing, at the same time, the bread will continue to absorb oil in the container, the new oil will be continuously added in, which is what we call a "living" oil, to ensure the safety and health of instant noodles.

instant noodle production line


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