How to Make Chinese Noodles for Business?

2019-06-20 by Lisa
Nice Noodles Making Machine for Chinese Noodles
Chinese noodles vary widely according to the region of production, ingredients, shape or width, there is a noodles making machine can help people make different types of noodles for business. It is commercial equipment, suitable for restaurant.
Chinese Noodles Making Machine
The chinese noodles making machine stirs the flour by relative rotation of the noodles roller to form the necessary toughness and humidity, extruded into noodles. Each machine can be equipped with different cutters, so the machine can make noodles of different specifications.

What is the Characters of Chinese Noodles Machine?
(1) It uses gear transmission, stable operation, safer and more reliable.
(2) This noodle machine adopts automatic picking system, high efficiency and good quality.
(3) Automatic conveying, automatic section, automatic upper rod, one-time molding, saving labor.
(4) Multiple sets of rolling, brush drawing, uniform feeding, and neat panels.
(5) Reducer, sprocket chain drive, the chinese noodles machine has low noise and long service life.

Chinese Noodle Machine Where to Buy?
If you want to buy a safe and reliable automatic noodle machine, please choose our Henan GELGOOG Machinery, which is located in Zhengzhou. The noodle industry is very rich and the manufacturers are professional. The transportation here is convenient and convenient for customers to come and visit.

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