Industrial Injera Making Machine in Eritrea and Ethiopia

2019-06-20 by Lisa
The industrial injera making machine can make injera(as the staple food), is very popular in countries such as Ethiopia, Eritrea, USA, etc. It saving time and effort compared to traditional production.
Industrial Injera Making Machine
The whole set machines includes: batter mixing machine, feeding system, main machine, heating cylinder, conveying device, dusting device, cooling system, stacking device, counting system. Each machine is made of stainless steel, make sure the food production is healthy.

What is the Advantages of Eritrean Injera Making Machine?
1. This machine is made of food grade stainless steel. The heating mode of the roasting wheel can be gas type of electric type.
2. The thickness of the end product can be 0.3-4.0 mm, capacity is 500-4000pcs/h. Both the diameter and capacity can be customized.
3. It is the intelligent model machine, which has the high output, low energy consumption.
4. It can also save manpower, and reduce the production cost, improve market competitiveness, seize business opportunities.

How to Make Ethiopian Injera?

Main Ingredients: Teff flour (or sometimes wheat, barley, millet, corn, or rice flour).
Size of Injera: The thickness is 2-4 mm, round or square shape.
Finished Product: curry puff wrapper, egg wrapper and french pancakes, etc.
Capacity: It depends on the manufacturing size of injera food.

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