What is the Price of Kuboos Making Machine?

2019-02-11 by Lisa
Recently our company received a lot of customers to inquire about the price of automatic kuboos making machine, in fact, the machine price is affected by a number of factors, probably the whole line cost is 40,000 to 60,000 dollars. The following are the factors that affect prices.
Automatic Kuboos Making Machine
Factors Affecting The Price of Kuboos Making Machine
1. Capacity: Equipment with different yields corresponds to different prices, and the larger the output, the higher the price.
2. Size of Kuboos: Machine made this food products have a certain size range, not in the range, need to be customized.
3. Materials: The whole body uses food grade stainless steel materials, can also made of other materials by customers' requirements.
4. Shipping Cost: Depending on the port(distance) is different and the shipping costs are different and are charged in accordance with international standards.

Kuboos making machine is a professional equipment, it is fully automated and independently performing the steps of flour mixing---dough forming---kuboos heating and baking---cooling. Large production, 1,500 to 2,000 pieces chapati can make in one hour, there are also other yields to choose from. Want to know more details and price, please contact with us. Email: lisa@machinehall.com, whatsapp/wechat/phone: +8615515571373, skype: jacobyaogelgoog.

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