What is the Process of Making Commercial Bread?

2019-10-25 by Lisa
How to make commercial bread? It is inseparable from the support of the automatic bread production line. This equipment is a professional bread making machine with large output, high efficiency. Can make different types of bread. It is an ideal choice for many bread processing factories, bakery, and others.

The bread line produced by our company adopts advanced domestic and foreign technology. The main components are dough mixer, rounding machine, forming machine, proofing equipment, baking machine, cooling machine, packaging machine and so on. This automatic bread production line has the characteristics of high automation, easy operation and stable quality.
Automatic Bread Production Line
How many kinds of bread can be made by the Production Line?
The bread production line is versatile and can be used to make different types of bread, caterpillar bread, torn bread, french bread, honeycomb bread, burgers, shortbread, fancy bread and more. The bread produced is large in yield and bright in color and good in taste.

Commercial Bread Making Process
The automatic bread production line is newly designed to improve product diversity, uses a three-stage progressive thinning method to press the dough into a suitable thickness. The filling is filled into the dough by a separate filling machine, and the dough is rolled through a forming reel. It grows into strips and is finally cut into uniform products by separate independent cutting tables. It does not destroy the dough, and is completely hand-made to maintain the original flavor.

Bread Making Process Flow Chart
Dough  Mixing---Rolling---Forming---Waking---Baking---Cooling---Packaging

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