Do you know something about the Thanksgiving Day?

2016-11-18 by Ellie
Thanksgiving Day is an old festival invented by the American, but it is a day for Americans to get together. In the beginning, there is no fixed day for celebrating it, and it is decided by each state in America temporarily. Until in 1863 after the United States was established, the president Lincoln announced that the Thanksgiving Day became a national day in the country. In 1941, the United States Congress determined that the fourth Tuesday in December is the day to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, and there will be several days for Americans as a holiday.
In addition to America and Canada, there are other countries which have Thanksgiving Day with their own characteristics, but it is unlucky that some European countries have nothing to with this festival. 
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The history of Thanksgiving Day
The origin of Thanksgiving Day should date back to beginning of America history. In 1620, the famous board Mayflower carried more than one hundred puritans from England who can’t bear the persecution from religion any longer to America, in that winter, unimaginable difficulties occurred to them, and they were hungry but cold, so only about 50 people survived after that winter. At that time, the kind-heart Indians gave them food and daily necessaries, and also sent someone to teach them how to hunt, go fish and plant vegetables. With the help of Indians, immigrants received harvest in the end. In the day of celebrating, according to the religious conventions, immigrants regulated the day to thank god, and determined to invite Indians to celebrate this festival with them.
In the day of the first Thanksgiving Day, Indians and immigrants got together, and them set off fireworks in the dawn, and went to a room as church to express thanks to the god, and then there were a bonfire party with the delicious turkeys as the staple food. They wrestling, dancing, and singing in the second and third day. As a result, the first Thanksgiving Day was very successful, and the celebration method is kept until today.
Festival customs
Collective celebration
The day celebrating Thanksgiving Day, the whole America is busy and lively. Christians go to the church for praying according to conventions, there are make-up parades, drama performance, or sports competitions in the cities. People scattering in the country will go back to celebrate this festival and enjoy the Thanksgiving Day delicacy turkey.
The most famous celebration in America is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade which was began from 1924. 
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Festival shopping
Go shopping in Thanksgiving Day has become the custom for Americans. From Thanksgiving Day to Christmas Day, the sales volume of America retail industry will be boosted, which is the peak season for sellers to promote their goods.
Go picnic
In addition to these activities, some people will drive to the country for a picnic in that day, or go travelling by airplane.
Festival delicacy
The celebration model for Thanksgiving Day has not been changed for many years. The lavish family feast is prepared several months in advance. People can eat pineapple, orange, chestnut, grapefruit, and juice, of course, the most wonderful and attractive course is the roast turkey and pumpkin pie, which are the most traditional and popular foods for thanksgiving day. 
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Festival meaning
As for the meaning and celebration model of Thanksgiving Day, there are no big changes since 1621. In that day, all churches are available for people, and they will say thanks to the god. Thanksgiving Day is a family festival, as all people go back to their homes to get together. Thanksgiving Day is a happy celebration activity, and it is a moment for family members to get together, as well as for friends. All people will pray and express to god in that day, which is the exact meaning of Thanksgiving Day.
Thanksgiving Day in China
Influenced by this special festival, Chinese people also suggest that the Thanksgiving Day should be established in China. The Thanksgiving Day in west countries has its religious meaning, but some elements of it can be absorbed, integrating with traditional merits, and it is given a new meaning, so the special Thanksgiving Day in China is set up. In China, saying thanks to parents, teachers, and friends is the main celebration model. 
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