Frying equipment should pay attention to energy conservation and security

2017-01-11 by Tina
Fried food because of its crisp and delicious, fragrant smelling deeply loved by consumers. In today's food industry, wrapped in bran fried equipment as many meat, surimi products manufacturers choice. As the frying production line in the most critical equipment, frying machine continuous production, oil tank repeated heating, easy to quickly aging. However, from the perspective of cost control, companies also want to ensure high-quality products under the premise of oil longer.

Efforts in the direction of energy saving, almost all the industry, equipment industry naturally no exception. Industry thinks, for the food processing industry, guarantee the stability of the production line is the basic condition to realize energy conservation and environmental protection.

Specific to Fried production line, the only stable operation of the equipment to product to guarantee the uniformity and stability. Industry, for example, if the front wrapped the chaff machine speed and the back-end frying machine product speed out of sync, will inevitably cause material loss or waste time in the middle. Frying machine unstable temperature can also affect the quality of the products, cause waste.

From the original manual to easily, easy automatic promotion now, save the manpower; Built-in pump oil circulating device delay the aging of the oil, and save energy. The industry said, from the point of the whole production line, change is huge, the original to a line need 27 people, now a lot of link has been replaced with manipulator, only in flavor and the supplies mechanical link need manual operation, a line just three or four people.

The domestic market in the increasingly mature, food processing not only requires high quality, automation, for safety, environmental protection and meet the requirements of the after-sales service are also rising.

frying processing line


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