Ice Cream Cone Making Machine in Hyderabad

2019-02-25 by Lisa
With the continuous progress of society, the ice cream cone making machine innovation, the introduction of new products to meet market demand. Ice cream cone is a very important part of ice cream production. The type semi-autoamtic ice cream cone machine manufactured by GELGOOG Machinery with superior performance, wide range of applications.
Ice Cream Cone Making Machine in Hyderabad
It consisits of frame, mould and electrical equipment. Humanized design, simple operation, stainless steel made, high efficiency. And working with low noise, high capacity and low power consumption, easy to install and clean. Often exported to countries and regions around the world, such as France, Britain, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Peru, hyderabad, etc.

There are lots of different size and shapes of the mold, users can replace the mold on the machine, so that can make various ice cream cones. And the product capacity is different, users can choose according to their needs to choose, also can produce machine as per users request. 

In Hyderabad, it's home to many upscale restaurants and shops, there is a lot of traffic here, people's demand for ice cream increased. Correspondingly, in this city, many ice cream factories is very much needed for the cone. Our ice cream cone making machine already sold many sets to Hyderabad. If you want to know more, please contact with +8615515571373.

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