Machine for Frying Chicken Nuggets with 300KG/H

2020-09-16 by Lisa
Are you still looking for machine frying chicken nuggets? Often feel distressed because I can't find a suitable manufacturer. This article introduces a professional manufacturer who has been engaged in this industry for 10 years, and it's frying machine sells well in various countries.
Chicken Nugget Frying Machine For Sale
It has many advantages:
1. use upper and lower double mesh belt transmission, the product was sandwiched between the double mesh belt, avoid products floating.
2. material for high quality 304 stainless steel mesh belt, use the frequency conversion stepless speed regulation. Cooking time is adjustable.
3. the automatic lifting system, on the cover body and net belt can lift, convenient for manual cleaning.
4. This chicken nuggets frying machine with automatic discharge system, and will produce the residue discharge at any time.
Chicken Nugget Frying Equipment Manufacturer
5. with a dynamic circulatory system, to filter oil residue in the process of production, reduced oil acidification, prolong the service life of cooking oil.
6. adopt electricity as heat energy, also can be coal or natural gas as heat energy, the machine use the food grade 304 stainless steel, hygienic and easy to clean.
7. with automatic drain oil system, products with low oil content, appetite feels strong product.

The chicken nuggets frying machine is made of stainless steel material, the length, width and production capacity can be customized according to user needs. It is suitable for the chicken nuggets, fish, meat, poultry, aquatic products, meat pie, balls, rice crust mass production.

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