Frying Machine For Processing Fried Chicken Nuggets

2019-12-25 by sherry
The frying machine is specially designed for fried products processing, and is widely used to fry chicken nuggets, plantain chips, twists, chin chin, french fries, fried balls, sesame balls and other fried product.

The fried chicken nuggets manufactured by this industrial fryer machine are golden yellow, bright in color, and crispy and delicious.
Electric Chicken Nuggets Frying Machine
For the whole line of chicken nuggets production, the frying machine also can be matched meat cube cutting machine, belt lifting machine, mixer machine, starching machine, deoiling machine and so on. This fryer machine is a professional equipment to process the fried chicken nuggets and other snacks, it is widely used in snacks food factories. 

Characters of Fried Chicken Nuggets Frying Machine
(1) Chicken nuggets fryer uses oil-water mixing technology, and it realizes the functions of automatic filtering and automatic conveying.
(2) Keeping the frying oil clean not only improves product quality, extends shelf life, but also brings higher added value to the product.
(3) The continuous work of this machine improves the work efficiency, effectively reduces the cost, and is extremely helpful to labor expenses and management expenses.
(4) Automatic filtering can greatly prolong the service life of the oil frying, without frequent oil changes, and thus saving oil.

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