Frying machine three performance and technical analysis

2017-01-07 by Tina
Frying machine is the variety of leisure food consumption more and more people focus on health and nutrition, leisure food manufacturers are now leisure food can be a healthy balanced diet. A diet low in calories and fat snack food is the mainstream of future new product development, the development of the leisure food industry and constantly improve people's living standard, leisure food began to close to the life of people. The frying machine how to keep up with the development direction of healthy diet.

1, Fried machine leisure food has a color preserving function: use Fried, Fried temperature is relatively low, but also lower concentration of oxygen in the frying machine. Fried food is not easy to fade, discolor, Browning, and can keep the original color materials.

2, Fried snack food has confirmed incense function: Fried Fried machine, raw material is heated in a sealed vacuum condition. The flavor ingredients in most of the raw material for water soluble, does not dissolve in oils and fats, and with the dehydration of raw materials, the flavor ingredients has been further enrichment. So the Fried technology is a good way to save raw material original fragrance.

3, frying machine of snack food with lower oil deterioration degree: oil degradation including oxidation and polymerization, thermal decomposition, frying machine and is given priority to with water or water vapor and oil contact hydrolysis. In the process of frying, the oil is in negative pressure condition, dissolve in oils and fats in the gas, to escape quickly a large number of water vapor pressure is small, and frying temperature is low, therefore, the oil degradation is reduced greatly.

frying machine


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