The history of the instant noodles

2017-01-07 by Tina
In the spring of 1958, Ando Fukuda original company bankruptcy, almost lost all property in his backyard to build a simple laboratory, the goal is to let everybody simple happiness can have anytime and anywhere to eat hot noodles. When they are in front of the flowers in full bloom, he presented the first instant noodles.
 instant noodle
 Ando fukuda once wrote in his memoirs: "I developed the instant noodles is a kind of just add hot water to eat instant noodles, eat up is very convenient. Of course, the success of this goods need to make its industrialization, to a large number of production." now, instant noodle was produce by instant noodle production line.
In 1966, ando fukuda a trip in the United States, get inspiration to the development of cup noodles. At that time, he took the instant noodles to L.A. a supermarket, try to make the procurement staff have a taste. Because Americans don't bowls and chopsticks, had to instant noodles in a paper cup, into the boiling water and then use a fork to eat.
This scene to Ando Fukuda brighten up, then have the idea of the development of the cup, the birth of the 70's Cup noodles, instant noodles from the United States began to sweep the world, and was hailed as the 20th century, the United States the greatest invention of the one.
In each work overtime, travel, don't feel like cooking, when people open the cup cover, injection of hot water, wait for 5 minutes, enjoy steaming hot noodles, eat noodles with is not only simple, and the culture of the instant noodles and legend.  


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