Process Of Making Potato Chips

2018-06-21 by Tina
The process of making potato chips: remove potato skin--washing--cutting--dehydration--frying--de-oiling--seasoning--cooling--packaging. Every step in between is indispensable, then can make good quality potato chips.
process of making potato chips
Operating points of making potato chips:
(1) Choose raw materials: raw materials of potato tuber neat shape, uniform size, thin skin, less body-to keep shallow and, high starch and total solids content, reducing sugar content is low.
(2) Cleaning and washing: first the potatoes into the inlet on the conveyor belt pick rotten potatoes, gravel, sand, etc. After cleaning, bucket through ascension into the washing machine wash the surface of the soil contamination, again into the skin peeling machine.
(3) Peeling: using alkali peeling method or use infrared radiation to skin, the effect is better. Friction peel tissue loss is bigger, and steam peeling often cause severe heat loss, the influence of the final product quality
(4) Slice and rinse: Slice thickness according to the varieties of tuber and full degree, sugar, Fried temperature or cooking time. Note to slice thickness is consistent, as there have different slice thickness, caused by uneven colors. Cut potato chips into the rotating drum, with high-pressure water spray cleaning, wash slice on the surface of the starch.
(5) Dehydration: after rinsing section into centrifugal machine will be attached to the potato chips inside the water on the surface of the dump.
(6) Frying: Fried potato chips, can use continuous production and batch production. If production was mostly adopt continuous deep frying equipment, the equipment features are: can make the material completely submerged in oil, continuous frying.
(7) Seasoning: the fried potato chips should be properly seasoned. When the potato chips are lifted from the frying pan with a mesh conveyor, the hopper is placed on top of the conveyor and sprinkled with the appropriate amount of salt to mix with the potato chips.
(8) Cooling and packing: potato chips after Fried, flavor, is cooling, weighing, packaging on the belt conveyor.
(9) Packing: Put the chips in the bag to keep the food long, easy to transport and easy to sell.

In order to make potato chips more convenient, simple, the company developed a different model of potato chips making machine, the production line is fully automatic work, can automatically complete the above steps, but also produced a good color, good taste, high yield. The machine is made of stainless steel materials, not easy to rust, sturdiness and durability, the production line will not have too many operators, saving labor costs. Our company in order to give customers a clearer understanding of the operation of the machine, as well as machine testing video can be provided to customers.


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