Professional Ice Cream Cone Machine Manufacturer--GELGOOG

2020-08-28 by Lisa
The professional ice cream cone machine manufacturer, I have to say is GELGOOG, it has many years of historical experience in this field, and the production and development of cone machines are sold well all over the world.
Professional Ice Cream Cone Machine Manufacturer
The factory here shows an automatic ice cream cone machine with large output, high efficiency and labor cost savings. We have developed three models of this wafer cone machine in our factory, with an hourly output ranging from 2500 pcs to 6000 pcs. In addition, if you have other output, we can customize it.

The high degree of automation can effectively improve efficiency and reduce costs. And the machine is equipped with a touch screen, you can set the baking time, grouting time and so on.

Ice cream cone machine manufacturer has an advantageous geographical location, which is convenient for customers to visit, and can also provide customers with test machines if necessary. Want to know more about the machine details, please contact us.

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