How Much of Automatic Ice Cream Waffle Cone Making Machine?

2020-03-23 by Lisa
As an ice cream waffle cone making machine manufacturer, we received hundreds of customers requests from different countries every day. They want to know the cost list of cone ice cream machine, voltage, transportation, customization, etc. Here we will introduce several factors that affect prices.
Automatic Ice Cream Cone Machine Price
① Materials: The material of the ice cream waffle cone machine determines whether the machine is durable and food-grade materials are more hygienic and safe.
② Voltage: The voltage of this semi automatic cone making machine is 380 volts, which can be customized according to the conditions of different regions.
③ Heating method: Customers can choose electric heating or gas heating of ice cream cones machine according to their own usage.
④ Output: This ice cream waffle cone making machine has different models, each model has different output, so the cost of cone ice cream machine is also different.
⑤ Molds: For special cone sizes, this requires custom molds. Customers who want to make different cones need to buy one more mold.

For this waffle cone baking machine, our company has different models, different capacities have different price. Different size of flat edge and natrual edge of ice cream cones can be made according to change the moulds.

So if you want to know the price of ice cream waffle cone making machine, you can contact us at any time. We will make a quotation based on specific needs. Email address is, Whatsapp/Wechat/Mobile number is +8615515571373


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