Stainless Steel Cutting Peanut Strip Machine

2019-07-29 by Tina
This peanut strip cutting machine is widely used for cutting peanut into strips, also suitable for almond, pistachio, scorpion and so on.
Cutting Peanut Strip Machine
The peanut strip size is 3-5mm, can be adjusted by customers' demands. It is a professional peanut strip cutter machine, fast cutting speed, easy operation, advanced technology, multifunction, suitable for all kinds of nuts stripping.

How Does Peanut Strip Cutting Machine Work?
Turn on the power, pour the peanut kernel into the hopper of the machine, then push the peanuts forward through the vibration of the machine, start cutting into peanut strip, and finally discharge.

Advantages of Peanut Strip Cutting Machine
1. This peanut strip cutter machine with high capacity, fast cutting speed, easy to operate, multi-function. 
2. It made of stainless steel 304 material, hygiene and healthy, widely used in peanut or almonds strip processing.
3. Peanut cutter machine adopts advanced technology, uniformity slitter, less material waste, suitable for kinds of nuts stripping.
4. It is widely used for processing peanut strip, pistachio strip, almond strip, macadamia nuts strip and more.

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