How to choose the right peanut chopping machine?

2016-12-22 by Tina
Peanuts, commonly known as longevity nut, because it always never rot youth life; with peanuts to symbolize immortality. peanuts as a symbol of auspiciousness, is indispensable in traditional wedding "fortune", meaning of sons of progeny, indicated that two people who love each other together forever, never to be parted, a symbol of perfection in love, life is colorful; symbol longevity, more peace and happy! exquisite delicate, interesting peanuts with best wishes for happiness in the people's life, reflecting the traditional refined taste of life, fruitful, as well as success. with other mascot with that meaning is lucky.

Peanut seeds are rich in oil, extracted from peanut oil is light yellow, transparent, pleasant fragrance, is high quality cooking oil. Peanut oil is difficult to soluble in ethanol, people can heat the peanut oil injection of 70% ethanol solution to 39-40.8 degrees, see its turbid degree, to identify peanut oil is tasted. peanut is the peanut after immersion in oil. peanut oil is not dry oil, yellow color, good transparency, tasty, is a good cooking oil.

Peanuts chopping machine is that GELGOOG factory developed new peanut chopped equipment, aimed at the characteristics of oily material in the crushing process of oil, after years of research and development, repeated experiments, continuous improvement and improve, so as to develop this product.feeding, ascend, chopped, grading components, such as vibration can be all kinds of sesame seeds, peanuts, beans, naked oats and other granular, sheet, strip material to chopped classification. the machine is the biggest advantage is high yield, cut out the material without oil.

1, Hoisting machine feed, so that raw materials evenly spilled;
2, Upper and lower levels of cutter, cutter clearance can be adjusted, can be easily cut out the required specifications of the particles;
3, By matching the corresponding specifications of the sieve to obtain the required size specifications of the product.

peanut chopping machine


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