Peanut peeling machine maintenance matters

2016-12-22 by Tina
Peanut peeling machine is one of the great contribution to agricultural development tools. Mainly USES the rolling rub the skin with stable and reliable performance, long service life, low half grain rate, as well as good quality, suitable for processing all kinds of peanuts.

Peanut peeling machine is used to take off the wet process peanut shells of special equipment. It can be used with Fried peanut production line, also can use single, widely used in Fried, the smell of peanuts, peanut protein powder, rice pudding, and paste in the early period of the peanuts and canned products such as peeling processing. Slag characteristic of the device, make the individual small particles and the stripped after finished product material automatic separation, closed, to avoid the signs of the impurities in the process of Fried phenomenon as well as to the oil pollution. after peeling peanut peeling rate is high, not broken, color and luster is white.

Peanut peeling machine maintenance items:
1, peanut peeling machine adopts v-belts transfer. New belt in use after a period of time, as a result of the action of tension will gradually elongation and relaxation, so want to periodically check the drive belt tension degree and the coordination with the parts of the gap is appropriate, timely adjust.
2, peanut peeling machine during operation, often should pay attention to the machine speed, sound, temperature is normal. Each finished off a species or a day job finished, shall stop check whether all bearing overheating and various parts of the pin is loose fastening screw, key, if found loose should tighten at any time, especially in high speed, such as: up and down the fan blades, especially under the fan blades for wear or fracture, blade external reinforcement plate for wear or deformation, if found that the problem should be timely repair or replacement.
3, to sieve body lift shaft and all articulated bearing shall timely check for lack of oil wear phenomenon, once appear, gas to replace in a timely manner. After each job, rub fruit machine sieve bottom, namely scales plate hole seam in regular use wire brush to clean up.
4, processing after the season, will be a big inspection machine. Check the operation and the wear of the bearing; Check the bottom of the screen for deformation or crack. Check the wear condition of sorting sieve. After the inspection, repair of damaged part, clear away the dirt and residue of peanuts in the machinery.
5, peanut peeling machine is used, the belt will be removed and stored within the machine placed in dry warehouse. Remove the belt, to hang on the interior wall of the is not the sun.

peanut peeling machine


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