How to Produce Waffle Cones with a Machine

2023-02-09 by Lisa
Using a machine to bake the biscuit sheets and then roll them into a cone shape, it is easy and quick to produce waffle cones. This article will introduce the production process in detail.

Composition of Waffle Cone Machine
Waffle cone processing needs to go through processes such as baking, rolling and molding. The machines that need to be used include mixing machine, storage tank, biscuit sheet baking machine, waffle cone rolling forming machines, etc.
Waffle Cone Making Machine
How to Make Waffle Cone with Machine
  • Set the extrusion amount of the grouting head to extrude a fixed amount of batter.
  • The upper cover and the lower cover of the baking plate are combined, and the batter can be fully flattened and baked. The molds for the bakeware can be gridded or custom patterned.
  • The batter is baked for about two minutes, and the lid of the baking plate will open automatically.
  • Remove the biscuit sheets with a spatula, and you can wear gloves during the process, because the freshly baked products will be hot.
  • After the biscuit sheet is removed, it is sent to the rolling head of the cone forming machine, and the conical mold quickly rolls into the waffle cone.

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