In 2017 Chinese sauce industry market prospect and development trend forecast

2016-12-19 by Tina
Sauce is used for cooking, with various kinds of sauce to taste, has always been the indispensable seasoning in table and kitchen products. Sauces variety in our country, different parts of the paste products have different characteristics, the northern sauce taste thick, such as the sweet bean sauce, peanut butter, soy sauce fermentation, etc. Guizhou spicy sauce tastes, such as black bean chili sauce, chili oil, etc. Cantonese sauce tastes is relatively thin, such as soy sauce, seafood sauce, etc. In recent years, with the development of the catering industry and consumers diet increase of living standards, people's spending habits to sauces are also changing, mainly for regional flavor sauce began to mutual fusion, gradually become popular sauce products throughout the country.
Based condiment in condiment market, sauce, vinegar and so on the overall size increasing, but the growth has slowed and the decrease of the proportion of gathering, such as dressing compound condiment with its complex tastes are more likely to meet consumer demand, and its proportion is rising. Compared with the international level, our country sauce market capacity is relatively low. As consumer groups living standard improve, eating out and frequency increases, the proportion of the proportion of cooking at home is gradually decline; at the same time college students and finish work soon white-collar dining has simple structure, choice for the sake of convenient and delicious sauce gradually rising, the proportion of sauce market penetration is expected to improve as a result, there is a big market space. In addition, in the past 20 years in our country sauce market annual compound growth rate of about 20%; In addition, the sauce market scale year-on-year growth of 11.49% in 2015. It is predicted that 2016 sauce sales scale is expected to 40 billion yuan, is expected to 22.32% year-on-year growth, wide prospect of market.

In sauce, chili sauce spicy and delicious, oil and not greasy, relatively more in line with the Chinese consumer eating habits, market share is relatively high. As consumers are increasingly demanding on the palate, and the rapid development of catering enterprises, chili sauce market scale growth gradually, although year-on-year growth rate is on the decline, but growth remains above 4%, has great development potential.

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