Production Process of Fried Instant Noodle

2017-01-18 by Serena
The most important machine of the whole instant noodles making machines line is the instant noodles frying machine.  The frying machine in the frying process should pay attention to the oil temperature, timely add new oile and  antioxidants. 
Fried temperature: instant noodles frying temperature should not too high. On the one hand, if the temperature is too high, final fried noodles will change its original flavor, with the burnt paste taste. On another hand, high temperature will cause qualitative change in fat, after the face of fried block preservation period.
Antioxidant: It is an indispensable measure to improve the shelf life of the fried noodles.  Many products are used to add the antioxidants in oils and fats. The manufacturer can determine the quality according to the performance of various antioxidants.  
Used to add to the grease, in order to improve the shelf life of instant noodles. Frying process, the frying machine oil by frying a certain amount of surface block will gradually consumed, and thus need new oil supplement. In the added fat, should also add antioxidants. Otherwise, resulting in the original pan oil antioxidant dilution, and finally can not achieve the role of antioxidant function.
Packing Quality and storage conditions: Fried instant noodles packaging quality is an important part of extending its keeping time. The fried instant noodles need to be ensure the packing products are close sealing, no leakage. During the production process, workers should pick up the unqualified products for repacking. The final packaged instant noodles need to be boxed in the professional boxes. And then put them into the clean, moisture-proof, sunscreen, rodent control, well-ventilated place, to facilitate the extension of instant noodles in circulation in the field of preservation.

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