Commercial Noodle Making Machine Suppliers In China

2019-07-19 by Tina
GELGOOG Machinery as one of professional noodle making machine suppliers, which is specialized in food processing machinery. The factoy mainly produces noodles machine with various specifications and special demand can also be customized.
Noodle Making Machine in China
The noodle machine supplier is located in the ancient capital with a long history, Zhengzhou City, China, the environment here is beautiful and the transportation is convenient, customers can come here to visit.
China's noodle making machine manufacturing is very mature, our company provides a variety of noodle machines, the output is rich, and can be more selective.
The reason why the noodle machine sells well is as follows:
1. Has a variety of output, customers can choose the one that suits their needs.
2. This noodles machine is easy to operate, time and manpower saving, high efficiency.
3. Different size of noodles can be produced, thick noodles and fine noodles.
4. This commercial noodles machine is made of stainless steel 304, prevent machine rust.
Automatic Noodle Machine
How to Make Chinese Noodle?
First is put flour through roller relative rotation extrusion forming, then through the nose section before the knife across the piece of cutting, forming a noodles. Noodles depends on the shape of cross section of the specifications of the knife, all models can be installed with different specifications of cut knife, so a machine after changing the face of the different knife can make all kinds of noodles.

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