Dehydration Process of Starch

2017-01-12 by Lisa
Dehydration is an important process in the production of starch, it can be used to remove water from crops and other items. After dehydration and then use the dryer to dry, you can achieve the effect of completely dry. And in this time the product has been basically formed.
starch dehydrator machine
The working principle of starch dehydrator and common vacuum drum drying machine is basically the same. In the dehydration process, slurry material in the tank under a vacuum suction effect, control by scraper, the formation of a certain thickness starch granule pre coating in the outer surface of the drum, with filter cloth together to form a filter media. Separation of the filtrate through pre coating and strainer mesh, after through the filtrate pipe, distribution valve and steam separator discharge. External surface with low water content of filter cake scrape by erasing knife, usually scraped 4 mm, leaving 3 mm. In the drum operation process, completed the continuous discharge of filter cake.

This dehydration machine is our company in the digestion and absorption of foreign similar products on the basis and combine the actual use of the user developed. Compact structure, superior performance, easy to operate, these are characteristics of the machine, and use the pre coating technology, the filter medium for starch coating and stainless steel filter cloth, good filtering effect, high dry degree of the material. 


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